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For indeed, with hardship will be ease.

07 Feb 2018 02:02 pm

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease”

Chp: 94 Vrs: 05 the Holy QURAN

One must have Trust and Faith in The Almighty.

Life appears so laid-back when stuff goes our way when we are resting in the comfort of our home-based when we are grossing good bucks, etc.

So in the coziness of our laid-back snug lives, what comes about when the state of affairs all of a sudden befit defying and durable?

Our first reaction is to find habits to eschew the confronting state of affairs or plainly flee. A human being’s favorite deed in such states is avoidance. Being keen on running away, when the present gets tough. However, life is not always a flowerbed and sometimes we have to endure the prickles.

One should resign yourself to the actuality that as bad times come and go, so do good times, then why not stand facing the bad times with a smile instead of a tear? When life throws a scalpel at you, you can catch it either by the knife-edge or by the handgrip. In its place of perturbing around the knife-edge. Why not concentrate on catching dagger by the handgrip.

Mug up to turn your ache into reap and your unhappiness into happiness. While we celebrate in our splendors, we must mug up to emerge above confronts that knotty situations fling at us.

We can achieve this in the following ways:

  • You always have an alternative

  • Stop frolicking the accusing game

  • Engage in physical activities and exercise that makes you happy

  • Yoga

  • Be like an Actuary

  • You are not forlorn - Have BELIEF


Along these lines, you can rise overhead defies of any state of affairs if you put your mind to it and if you have faith in yourself and Deity. Do not look for easygoing preferences and shortcuts.

Be the person who is contented throughout virtuous instants and cheerier during tough instants.

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